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Education Charter in News media
06/04/2009, 5:58 am
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Higher Education for better sustainable livelihood
The Global Civil Society CCLP Worldwide is an advocacy organization which has initiated the Global movement called “Education Charter International”.
“The International Education charter is a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable educated youth of global society for the 21st century. Created by global civil society CCLP Worldwide, endorsed by thousands of members, volunteers, organizations and institutions and individual engaged endorsing youth the Charter is not only a call to action, but a motivating force inspiring change the world over. The international charter is being practiced drawn from declaration of higher education for 21st century by UNESCO, Ten principles of United Nations Global Compact and Declaration of Higher Education for sustainable better livelihood.”
The Education Charter International is endorsed by citizens of 110 Countries (more than 700 Cities and 12000 Governmental, Inter governmental, non-Governmental Organizations and Individuals across the globe)
CCLP Worldwide is registered Participant of United nation Global Compact and active member of United national Global Compact society of India.
Sir Vikrant Singh(India), H.E. Ambassador Lamartine Hollanda Junior (Brazil), H.E. Consul Dr Paul Ratnayake (Switzerland), H.E. Sir Angelo Tartufoli (Italy), Mr. Peter Ferdinand Gummersbach (Germany), Her Excellency Dr. Manal El Daghar (Egypt) Dr Madhu krishan (India) and Mr. Subhkaran Bajoria (India) have been instrumental in bringing noticeable change in Higher Education standards and policies by Government worldwide. They have been representing International Council of CCLP Worldwide.
The Code of Ethics and Conduct in Higher Education for Government is a set of policies and standards developed by the CCLP Worldwide to help guide Government, Inter Governmental, Governmental and Semi-Governmental Agency worldwide to ethically and transparently govern their operations with respect to Higher Education.
As a display of commitment and solidarity towards this cause, CCLP Worldwide encourages individuals, NGOs, Government and as ‘Supporters of the Code of Ethics.’
CCLP Worldwide has come up with global Award to recognize individuals, non-governmental organizations and degree granting institution from throughout the world that demonstrate extraordinary effort, innovation, leadership, and excellence in initiating and supporting educational efforts or support or campaign or project to humanity.


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