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seminar on Higher Education for better sustainable livelihood & new challenges ahead for society
11/09/2009, 6:18 am
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On 6 Nov 2009, Bharathidasan University in association with the CCLP Worldwide (International Council) conducted the “seminar on Higher Education for better sustainable livelihood & new challenges ahead for society ” and Award Ceremony in honor of His Excellency Dr. M Ponnavaikko , Hon. Vice-Chancellor of Bharathidasan University, in the University hall of Bharathidasan University city Campus, Tiruchirapallai.

Dr.M.Ponnavaikko is Born in Sengamedu village in South Arcot District in 1946 has over 38 years of productive experience with excellent opportunities to serve in leading Academic Institutions and Industries in India and abroad. He has visited over 15 countries in the world. His professional career is characterized by new job assignments at various stages and these assignments were essentially on invitation. For his part, he has kept up the pressure on his work towards achieving in the results envisaged by the mission of his employer – institutions. Enmeshed in this process is his constant attention to widen his knowledge-base and to acquire additional skills required by the job on hand. The organization in which he worked and the persons with whom he was associated have had a strong influence on him in building his personal and professional traits.He is hon. Vice Chancellor of Bharathidasan University, Government University known for excellence in India.

The hall was filled with over 200 audiences, incl. students from PhD and M Phil and post graduate courses, professors and head of the department, media representatives and other civil society leaders.

The Hon. Vice Chancellor of the University said: “Education acquires a complete sense only when knowledge and skills are imparted along with human values.”
The responsibility of nurturing and transforming the present generation of students into good citizens mainly vests with teachers. Alongside education, students also expect guidance from teachers, Prof. Ponnavaikko said, addressing the inaugural of a seminar on ‘Higher Education for Sustainable Better Livelihood’ organized by the Department of Social Work in association with CCLP World Wide.

Presiding over the inaugural of the seminar, the Vice-Chancellor said that the CCLP Worldwide grass-roots initiative was oriented towards transforming the country through quality education for better sustainable livelihood. Through building a better generation, teachers would be able to bring forth the economic progress of the country, he said.

H.E. Dr Vinod Singh had delivered the main presentation about education charter international and emphasized on the issue of new approach and thinking toward education availability and social prosperity. He said that prosperity of nation depends on the education level of the Country and many factors are responsible for its current status in India.

H.E. Dr Vinod Singh has presented certificate of honour to H.E. Dr M Ponnavaikko for his achievement in the field of higher education in and around India. Hon. Vice Chancellor was the first recipient of this honour duly issued by the Chairman of International council Ambassador Dr Lamartine Hollanda Junior, Brazil.

H.E. Dr Vinod Singh has presented the certificate of Ambassadorship to Dr Ilongo Ponnaswami for his untiring service in the field of higher education and social services.

H.E. Dr Vinod Singh has presented the Education Charter Booklet to Hon. Vice Chancellor and professors of the Universities.
Dr Madhu Krishan noted scientist and hony. Ambassador at large had delivered the speech on present scenario of education in India and its comparison with different states.

There was a lot of publicity in the local media announcing the upcoming award ceremony. H.E. Dr Vinod Singh Hon. Vice Chancellor and Dr Madhu Krishan had attended press conference to brief the occasion.
The news was duly published in national and local newspaper.


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