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N M Dixon Fernando removed from the official position of CCLP Worldwide
02/26/2010, 6:30 am
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N M Dixon Fernando has been removed from the office of CCLP Worldwide (Ambassadorial Position and Media Department) with immediate effect vide declaration no 00020/09-10.
Any communications from Dr N M Dixon Fernando on behalf of CCLP Worldwide stand void.
Such removal is for the period of Five years from the date of declaration.


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Dear Sirs learned, carefully:
Dr. Genaro Romero Pastor

Comment by JENARO

Dear Dr Pastor,
Thank youf or your comment.
It has been our continuous effort to clean the organization from dubious people and as such such actions are required.
Dr Vinod

Comment by cclpnews

Dear Sir,

We have come to know that this person named Dixon was before sacked from one Institution from University of Jerusalem and he was charged with financial discrepancy.
Please know me hod did a credible organisation has admitted the uncreditworthy and disreputed person into the team?
Do you have any procedure for admission as official repesentative to curb these people in the Organisation?
For your information he has been running number of fake Institution and selling the doctorate degree at Rs 2000-3000 only.

Your reply is awaited

Fake University

Comment by Fake University

Dear ????
Fake University

We donot share the record of past and present officers in public nor we are liable to reply for anyone who is not part of our Organisation.
So we like to have no comments on this issue raised by you
Regarding the admission to officil representative we have made the norms stricter and hard to take only credible person in the organisation.

Thank you for your message keep messaging


Comment by cclpnews

Globalization and presence.

Focusing on Education:
Globalization is present in our daily activity and profoundly affects education as a comprehensive process that calls on the subject on a scale of values and principles that allow you to live in society, develop and create solid and lasting cultural foundations that raise and dignify higher levels harmonious and cooperative with their peers
The educational legislation usually collect the following:
“Public education aims at the training and intellectual development of the inhabitants of the country and contribute to their moral and physical improvement.
Such an aim has been harmonized with the purpose of educating citizens, with proper evaluation of the traditions, to be aware of the historical destiny and the ability to collaborate effectively to meeting this target within the principles on which democracy is sustained and defined will of international cooperation ”
In any draft Education Law and its articles generally define early the following purposes:
a). Training citizens for a democratic, participatory, self-reliant, multiethnic and pluri-cultural.
b). Encouraging the development of the individual.
c) To create conditions that ensure active student participation.
d) Training of citizen awareness of nationality and sovereignty
e). Promote the teaching of Castilian and protect the development of indigenous languages in each country or region.
f). Promote positive attitudes towards research and innovation.
g). To promote artistic creation and National Heritage.
h). Encourage physical education and sports.
i). Develop awareness of rational use of natural resources.
j). Promote attitudes of solidarity, cooperatives. Labor, justice, fairness and common good.
k). Defend the fundamental values of right to life, work, culture, social justice and equal rights.
l). Respect for human rights, freedom, understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations.
m). Promote Latin American integration, democratization, nuclear disarmament and ecological balance in the world.
How is it then?
With economic globalization with its cargo, commercial, financial and political horse gallops of ethics and morality deeply rooted in the training of people, breaking the national and regional conceptions of education based on historical traces local heroes and sometimes romantic, folk and even messianic.
The more isolated are the people the greater the likelihood of infringing its essence and historical reason for progress; easy grass to nest in dictatorships it covers any outdated nationalism.

Effects of globalization.
1 .- It’s universal conception of man.
2 .- strongly focus on values, principles and customs that traditionally have taught in our schools.
3 .- universalized knowledge.
4 .- make any difference to the ancient regional traditions.
5 .- Advocates, in a way, unique programs, as international agencies will work with our so-called planners.
6 .- Influence design education law, in its various conceptions.
7 .- Altera plural conception of man and self, because everything will be designed and prepared to digest. Instead, the subject of opinions about truths transmitted.
8 .- The student activity will be completely different from the traditional, will not have to go to libraries to browse through books to answer or research tasks, just chilling out on a communications center, joining the internet and “download” the expected information. The virtual library calls and cards and notes will be on another shelf and instead calls will be directed tasks for which specific programs that are already sold on the market.
9.-Set curriculum content based on the prevailing world events, to be structurally changed, otherwise we will be a technological illiterate, in that order of ideas can prepare new teachers. not only understand these technologies, but recycling it permanently so you can be in tune with these changes and achieve great access to the complex and dynamic world that never sleeps, but invents and reinvents itself every moment, in that sense not interested in knowledge whether, if not the disposition of the subject to take technology and move them quickly to absorb the others hastily approaching, this also makes us infer that education based on the ideals of humanism and traditional fossil would be giving way to an education instrumentalist management technologies necessarily give access to knowledge, which only overcome if we know the intricate management of guides, instructions, keys and equipment, we can deduce that the educator’s role in the formation of the child will become less noticeable in the formation of values, stereotypes, models and paradigmatic images come from the media such as local television and cable, DVD, VHS, camcorders Etc. in seconds that will make a tour of the globe. Regarding the methodology for teaching the so-called secondary and university education would change, not to say that is changing the system, and distance education will be totally depersonalized which will play the leading role, investigations, reviews, evaluations.
Everything is reduced near future networks and screens and forms.
This sets a sociological reality, educational, cultural and technology for which we are not prepared, even to oppose, we continue with the same patterns of challenge and oppose globalization for the simple fact of being an expression of technocratic neoliberalism, dimensionless and evaluate it to see the positives, taking up what most in our favor, and possibly reject what harms us in our identity.
10 .- The instruction is not measured by the ability to decipher signs and graphics, but by the ability to interpret broadly the environment where the subject lives.
If culture is every man’s creation then this is for educators and the most vulnerable country but “globalization leads to the integration of cultures, not a waiver of culture, means participation in the creation of a new global culture that coexist with diversity “(Tripier) that if we participate in the process we will make important contributions, otherwise we will be mere spectators, watching the train from as perplexed, standing between criticism and gossip, not daring to venture from their cars to carry all the arsenal to rebuild and set a new world.
1 .- The appointment of a multidisciplinary committee to study this phenomenon and to submit to a national discussion forums, lectures, conferences, meetings and a meeting at which they begin to discuss tactics and strategies starting point directions and roads.
2 .- Development of realistic plans and programs that reflect in some way the global trend, adjusting those elements that do not interfere with each town distinctive idiosyncrasies of nations in our globalized world.
3 .- Reversal as possible to this cultural phenomenon, technological, economic and communications of the strictly political and ideological edges because they lose the overall perspective of analysis.

Comment by Jenaro Romero Pastor. Prof. MS.c. DS.c. Ph.D

I have some news about Dr N Dixon Fernando
He cheated me by getting money from me for registering my company as PVt Ltd, but he didnt do it. and he is not sing is mobile no too. i cant able to contact him. If you have any contact with him, please let me know. and i heard from some of his friend DR.Madhu krishnan , he said Dixon also cheated him in the church money. lakhs of money was cheated by Dixon he said he too don’t have any contact with him.

Comment by Bobby

Dear Sir(S),
NM Dixon ( with new name as Dr.MOTCHA ANTONY DIXON ) has cheated many people with many lakhs of Rupees & also many foreigners.
He is absconding & his where about is not known.
Our AUGP office received many emails asking about his where about but it is not known to us. In 2009 & 2010 he cheated Dr. Madhu Krishan also with lakhs of Rupees & the Chairman then lodged compliant against Dixon.
Our office received email from one Ramna Reddy that this NM Dixon ( Dr.MOTCHA ANTONY DIXON) The International Fraud & the Father Of Satan The Devil cheated Ramna Reddy. His email is reproduced below.

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 15:21:55 +0530
Subject: m.ramana reddy
Respected sir

good afternoon

the following are the payment details to mr.Dixon Bank Account

20-4-2010 1200-00 deposited in SBI A/C NO 30943187222

12-1-2010 2500-00 deposited in SBI A/C NO 30943187222

4-11-09 10000-00 deposited in SBI NO 30943187222

21-12-2009 12000-00 DEPOSITED IN SBI NO 30943187222

15-1-2010 1LAKH A/C transfer from my cheque no 409991 to SBI A/C NO 30943187222


till date he has not sent me my money back.

thank you sir

yours faithfully


This Fraud Dixon also Cheated one very Reputed person from Turkey ,Dr. Kevin Kemal with more than 5000 EURO . His email will also be produced if required.

If any one ever come accross with this International FRAUD N M DIXON (With New Changed Name Dr. MOTCHA ANTONY DIXON) then kindly comunicate Mr. Ramanna Reddy in his email ID & also to our office in our email ID

Posted By:-
Ofiice Of AUGP.

Comment by Director(AUGP)

We are concerned that this fellow has done international fraud and cheating and coned many people to get the money.
We have already sent caution notice to our fellow members and will do it again.

Comment by cclpnews

i was trying to find him using his bank account no. but i cant able to do it. i am trying to find it.. i can reach his mobile phone(91 9445525737) too. its was diverted blankly.

Through Dr.Madhu Krishnan only he was introduced to me. i designed a site for Dr.Madhu Krishnan, Dixon(Fraud) met me once to pay the website renewal money. from that day only i came to know about him(Dixon Fraud).

If i get any information about him.. i let you know.

Comment by Bobby

WE know that this person is not traceable for long time and his footprints leave behind a series of fraud, coning and cheating.
We have so far received more than 20 complaints against him.
It is good to have contact local police to check and investigate his wrongdoings

Comment by

This is further to Inform to all the Victims Of NM Dixon (With new Changed Name Dr. Motcha Antony Dixon) that
1) On the Complaints of of our Founder & Chairman Of AUGP, Dr.Madhu Krishan, This Dixon has been Listed as INTERNATIONAL FRAUD & CRIMINAL by the Very Esteemed IBI ( intelligence bureau investigation, USA ) & they published a Public Notice of this matter cautioning all the Public.

All the Victims are requested to follow the Excellent Advice of H.E Dr.Vinod Bhardwaz Jee by lodging Criminal cases & FIR against this International Fraud & Criminal NM Dixon Alias Dr.Motcha Antony Dixon.

With Regards:-

Comment by Director(AUGP)

This was the address in Chennai where he stayed with his wife.
Prof. Dr. Motcha Antony Dixon Fernando,
No-75, Vijayalakshmi Nagar 2nd Street,
Mobile: +91-9176088377
Email: dixon (at)

Comment by Bobby

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