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The 2010 CCLP Worldwide International Conference is the first edition of a CCLP Worldwide Africa Chapter retreat to be held in Africa.
03/19/2010, 11:03 am
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International Conference on Education in Nigeria

The 2010 CCLP Worldwide International Conference is the first edition of a CCLP Worldwide Africa Chapter retreat to be held in Africa.

The two-day congress is to explore the role of higher education as a strategic factor for human and social development, analyze the interchange of values between higher education institutions and society, debate on the relevant social role that higher education is expected to play and bring together academics, higher education institutions managers, policy makers, government regulatory bodies, members of civil society, business community and international multi-lateral and donor agencies, to explore, debate and find new pathways on these issues.


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Worldwide CCLP Dear friends, I hope that this conference conclusions go to establish a procedure to develop and achieve goals in the same Members, rules, and responsibilities, and objectives in the medium and long term as well as cooperation agreements, formal academic cooperation framework and guidelines that make make possible the objectives of the conference. If we accept that culture is the result of human activity and spiritual productive and reproductive phases of the fundamental component: the creation and production of cultural values, accumulation and preservation of the same, the diffusion or movement of such values and assessment, perception, possession or use of these by the population, conceived as a socio-cultural promotion actions integrated system in a coherent, encourage the development of each subsystem of the reproductive cycle of the culture, to achieve the goals to accelerate the process development of the spiritual life of society. To promote the culture is essential to know the characteristics of the cultural reality of each community, potential and resources, identify their problems, understand their heritage values, tastes, interests, levels achieved in the creation and perception by the local population; In short the actual state of each of the elements of the cycle, so that it can positively influence, encourage and stimulate socio-cultural development and reproduction, from the integration of spontaneous processes generated by the community itself. To get to the previous knowledge is necessary to conduct operational diagnostic research, rigorous and systematic way, to project the cultural activities that allow us to act on the reality analyzed and encourage their development. The promotion sociocultural methodology should therefore be understood as the use and application of scientific knowledge (sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc.). Articulated techniques and practices that aims to transform social reality and looking for specific results preset goals. Regards, best wishes.
Jenaro Romero Pastor

Comment by Jenaro Romero Pastor

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