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Nominees for Global Education Award 2010
08/20/2010, 9:21 am
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The Award Jury Panel headed by the Chairman Dr Lamartine Hollanda Junior has received overwhelming response from many Countries of the world for nominating in Global Award 2010- Best in Education and Livelihood.

The International Secretariat responsible for preliminary screening has received 73 (Seventy Three ) nominations online and offline (by post). nominations which were incomplete or irrelevant has been rejected by the Secretariat Team.

The International Secretariat has screened 9 nominations eligible for participating in final round of Global Education Award 2010 and the same are being presented to each of the Jury Members for their views , comments and final approval for winner of Award for Individual category, organization category and institution category.

The name and short details of Nominees are given below

1. Ms Zeinab Al Momany from Jordan- she is a very active lady in Jordan she succeeded in changing the life of large number of rural women in Jordan and she can make a very big change . She also succeeded in changing laws and systems related to rural women , she organized women and let them joined the Jordan Farmer Union for the first time and established lot of projects for women ,She fights for improving education in rural communities and she established educational projects for children , girls and free education for orphans . she is a social entrepreneur and she had many local and international awards . (Individual Category)

2. Safe Passage/Camino Seguro from Guatemala – A US-registered non-profit humanitarian organization operating in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Safe Passage aims to bring an end to cyclical poverty through schooling and educational opportunities for nearly 550 children and 300 families who live and work unstably on the edges of the City’s garbage dump. The organization has been working in this community since 1999 to provide tools that bring hope, education, and opportunity to an impoverished and marginalized population that has been forced by need and lack of education to work as scavengers in Central America’s largest and most toxic landfill. In a world where inequality, poverty, illiteracy and other vast problems seem unsolvable, Safe Passage represents a cause that achieves real results. Safe Passage’s focus is not on despair but on building a brighter future for coming generations. In ten short years, over 550 children annually have passed through the arches of Safe Passage, with the promise to become teachers, en! gineers, mechanics, chemists and civic leaders, rather than the next generation of parents scavenging for survival. (Organizational category)

3. GEMS Education from United Arab Emirates GEMS Education is the largest kindergarten to grade 12 private school operator in the world. With 50 years of experience, GEMS Education is a global, multi faceted education company which owns and operates as well as provides education support services to both the public and private sectors.
GEMS network of schools provides high quality holistic education to nearly 100,000 students from 125 countries, employing 9,000 education professionals, specialists and staff. Supported by a network of eminent, international advisors, GEMS global network of multi-skilled specialists and in-house experts provide invaluable support and guidance in all areas related to delivering a world class standard of education.
GEMS Education believes that every student is unique and looks at learning from all angles to help each student realise his or her true potential. GEMS approach to teaching is one that not only focuses on academic achievement but also on the development of character, capability and creativity. (Organizational Category)

4. Mr. Shaheryar from Pakistan Nominee is a vibrant employee of im|sciences and belongs to Darra Adam Khel FR Kohat – FATA is undoubtedly an emerging young leader of his community who not only worked for FATA people but for the whole Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. He has a strong back ground in social anthropology and supported by his management skills as he also has completed MBA (Human Resource Development) his spirit of solving social problems of our region and playing a vital role in the facilitating human rights victims families, gender equity, strengthening the rights of these families towards their livelihoods, Rural Development, Basic Education Services, socio economic development and peace are important milestones. (Individual Category)

5. Mr. Tarkeshwar Singh of Sarthi Patna of India Nominee reunites lost children wrongly placed in Bihar\’s (India) government homes for minors with their families. For children incarcerated in government homes with no families, including those from broken or abusive families, orphaned children, street children, handicapped children, and juvenile offenders, Singh takes responsibility for their welfare by arranging for their schooling and healthcare—even obtaining legal custody of some of the children through the NGO that he founded in 2002, SARTHI. (Individual and Organizational category)

6. Children Women In Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) of Nepal CWISH is a NGO working in Nepal since last 17 years through educational programs and activities for the elimination of child labor and empowerment of women. CWISH education for child laborers has been sucessfull to educate more than 15 thousand child workers and mainstreamed them into formal school education. The awareness and advocacy focused on educational opportunities for child workers has resulted in significant increased on the number of school going child workers from 12 percent of 2000 to 80 percent in 2009. Similarly hundreds of women are doing business through learning business skill education with an additional number of thousands of youth and women literate in different part of Nepal. (Organizational Category)

7. Ms Diana J. Muir from United States of America Dr. Diana J. Muir,The founder of the World Virtual School is , originally of Iowa City, Iowa. With more than 14 years in online learning, Dr. Muir is considered one of the pioneers in the field of online education.
Dr. Muir holds multiple degrees in a variety of subjects and received her double Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in June of 2000 in Technology and Social Change, and in Education. She also participated in a Distance Education Certificate program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a post-graduate degree program in education at Harvard University in the Summer of 2002.
Dr. Muir originally became involved with online learning in December of 1995 when she first launched 8 free online courses for genealogists; family historians who needed to know what records were available and how to do research. Since then she has created and launched more than 300 courses, from 6th grade to college level, in 5 different platforms. She has published at least 2 papers each year and has been published in Sociological and Education journals around the world, and has spoken at conventions such as The World Futures Society in Washington D.C., the Distance Learning Conference in Moscow, Russia, and at the Conference for International Distance Education in Johannesburg, South Africa.(Individual Category)

8. Mr. Clement Lenin Charlse from India The nominee is General Secretary.
Secular Human Right’s World Peace Movement , Member Of International Council of jurists London UK, Member Of Indian Council of jurists at New DELHI and engaged in social movement (Individual Category)


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Excª the Chairman Dr Lamartine Hollanda:
Congratulations on such a prestigious and honorable award, and being in an area so important and necessary for all citizens of the world for their development and quality of life, much more importance and congratulation for which we are working to achieve this goal, dear colleague us free education, delighted to have him on our way then, is the primary goal to achieve ..
With my respect and consideration
Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary



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