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Mahatma Gandhi Prize for Chairman
10/26/2010, 4:38 pm
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Mahatma Gandhi Prize

In recognition to the promotion of Education Charter International as International Chairman of CCLP Worldwide Dr. Vikrant Singh has been bestowed with the honour of Mahatma Gandhi prize 2009 by European Council Against Torture and Discrimination based in Hungary.

European Council Against Torture and Discrimination was first founded by Prince Gabriel Inellas Paleologo within a Temple Order (Supremus Militaris Templi Hirerosolymitani Ordo) in 1986. The first Chairman was Fernando Soto Harisson, the first UN Ambassador of Costa Rica (in 1945, when the UN was founded.) Consul Norberto Cervantes was the second, and Végh József is currently the chairman of the Organization.
In Februrary 2009 in Monaco, Dr. Lamartine Hollanda, Co Chairman of CCLP Worldwide received the Mahatma Gandhi Prize against Torture and Discrimination 2008 in the gracious presence of General Consul Marialuisa C. de Hollanda, Dr. Edmond Trako (who has just been appointed to be the Ambassador of Albania to Lisbon), his good lady, Consul general Arnold Foote (FICAC President), Consul Asif Chowdhury (Consul of Chile and Hutt River to Bangladesh),Consul Kostakis Lefkaritias , Consul Paulina Biggs (USA) and Professor Valmas de Andrade (the Dean of the Federal Rural Univerity of Pernabuco in Brazil).


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