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Public Statement on the Political Crisis Affecting the Arab Republic of Egypt
02/10/2011, 1:05 pm
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The Global Civil Society Organization CCLP Worldwide (the custodian of the EDUCATION CHARTER), notes with great concern, the political instability, violence, widely reported case of harassments, forced detention and instances of targeted killings and reprisal attacks between members of the anti- and pro-regime protesters in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities in Egypt.

2. The Arab republic of Egypt is an important country in Africa, contributing to a large degree stability in the Middle East and modulating the influence of religious extremists. With a land mass area of 1,001,449 km2, a population of 80,335,036 and a nominal gross domestic product of 262.617 187.956 (billion USD) – World Economic Outlook Database for October 2009, makes Egypt the second largest economy in Africa. But the economic gains achieved within the last decade, has obviously been wiped out due to the massive economic setbacks resultant of the current political crisis. EGYPT CAN’T CONTINUE LIKE THIS FOR LONG. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE, STABILITY AND PEACE MUST RETURN. THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE MUST QUICKLY RETURN TO THEIR NORMAL LIFESTYLE AND CARRY ON WITH THEIR ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES.

3. CCLP Worldwide is concerned that a protracted political crisis would adversely affect the economic outlook of Egypt and impact negatively on the peace and prosperity of the Egyptian people.

4. CCLP Worldwide anxious for the return of peace and stability in Egypt and an atmosphere conducive for smooth economic, academic and political engagements in all democratic and national institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt, make the following requests;

A. The immediate halt of all degree of violence between the anti- and pro-regime protesters;

B. The immediate halt of secret killings and arrests of members of the opposition and the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience;

C. The immediate commencement of dialogue between the government and all opposition groups;

D. The refrain of the use of force or violence by the government to quell the fundamental rights of the Egyptian people to peaceful protests;

5. In consideration of the efforts made by the regime to loosen its hold on power and accommodate the sincere demands of the opposition: CCLP Worldwide calls on all opposition groups to;

A. Take into consideration the compromises the regime has made so far and reciprocate in their demands;

B. To seize the moment and enter into dialogue with the regime represented by Vice President Suleiman;

C. To work closely with the regime to establish a committee that would review the Egyptian constitution, recommend and implement the much desired reforms.

6. In CCLP Worldwide, we believe that Egypt can never be the same again, as the resolution of this crisis will throw up a stronger, virile, prosperous, open and democratic nation.

7. We call on all nations, to offer support and constructive criticisms to the happenings in the Arab republic of Egypt and pray for the government and its people, to come out of this political crisis stronger, peaceful and prosperous. THIS IS OUR SINCERE PRAYERS AND OUR BEST WISHES FOR THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE.


Chairman-World Council- Dr. Elvis C Enyioko


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Bueno lo que tiene que pasar pasa, la soberania reside en el pueblo, se han enterado, o no, pues eso, así será rn este pais el pimero ni el último, ni el primero, al tiempo y a la democracia pongo por testigo, o no, queridos amigos y colegas de CCLP Worldwide.
Saludos democraticos de:

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

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