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CCLP Worldwide participated in United Nations Asia Pacific Business Forum 2011, Thailand
07/29/2011, 11:03 am
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Dr Vinod Singh presenting Education Charter Magazine to Mr. Lorenzo Santucci, Environmental Officer, United Nations (ESCAP)

Dr Vinod Singh, Dr Murthy and Mr. samarjit- part of Delegation at United Nations Conventions at United Nations Conference center, Bangkok

Dr Vinod Singh and Mr. Samarjit with Ms Gereltuya Bat- Ulzii, Secretary General of United Nations Global Compact in Mongolia and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr Vinod Singh with Begum Salma Ahmad, Former Member of National Assembly, Pakistan and Mr. Lorenzo Santucci, Environmental Officer, United Nations

Dr Vinod Singh with Prof Peter Du Pont, Phd, Environmental Co-operation- Asia


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Dear friends, CCLP Worldwide, and that one way or another we compometidos in the letter, its contained, and the agreements signed, personally and through Golobal Compact (Uniadas Nations) and in my case Global Compact (Spain), no we just have to cooperate to enable the education to reach all citizens of the world.
We are committed to being vigilant of the events and events that occur.
On organized crime and terrorism and all forms of corruption, wherever it occurs, to cooperate with United Nations agencies in the 5 continents, because as humans we are bound to be the detectors, crime crime organized, and in all manifestations, corruption of minors, trafficking, and to one day see clean our cities and towns of this cancer too entrenched in all societies in the world, especially in financial speculation and financial crimes without olvidadar the white-collar crime and tax evasion.
My warmest and heartfelt congratulations on the wheels meetings and conferences chaired by my dear friend Dr. Vinod and his honorable companions have been involved.
Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

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