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CCLP Worldwide supports the UN Campaign for Act against Corruption
12/03/2011, 11:44 am
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Stop Corruption in Education!

The International Organization of Education Charter- CCLP Worldwide
is committed to stand and fight against corruption in the area of Education.
Such act of corruption by public servants have left many deprived of
even basic education and been forced to work as child labour.

Stop this by supporting the vision of United Nations to curb corruption


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Today corruption is a “cancer” that invades and grows every day in the economies of most countries around the world. This has great impact both socially and economically, as it weakens the moral and ethical values ​​in the leading sectors, both public and private, and this weakening has to accept as an inevitable cost of increasing the economic transformation social inequality.
It is for this reason that there is a need to improve educational systems to fight this “disease” that threatens the economic adjustment plans of economic bodies, this is because with higher levels of education, culture, access to media and judicial system, the social sectors in different countries will be able to fend off corruption.
It is very important to conclude that in the development in terms of corruption, the crucial variable is education. The better educated a society, the lower your tolerance to the phenomenon of corruption and, consequently, their level decreases.
Finally, we must work together, we have come to many conclusions also has guided us in the future that we are a loyal and professional ethics above all honest and if there is a right in case of corruption comes from professional ethics call it what is called the profession.
In order to “fight” against corruption, to work and educate so that we gain goals to eradicate, it is obvious that we need to identify, know what it is, where it is, what are the main manifestations.
Specialists in the study of corruption are serious difficulties in defining it, considering it is essentially multidimensional and multifaceted. Most experts prefer to identify corruption by significant structural manifestations and frequent-
What is the profile or, rather, what are the most characteristic profile of a person or a corrupt society?
“A first approach to the structure of corruption, according to the opinions of experts and nonexperts responses in different polls and surveys, could be concluded by attributing the following characteristics”:
1. Behave outside the law (democratically established) or transgression.
2. Not behave according to moral principles or established social norms.
3. Using the job (either a political office or not) to benefit themselves, friends, relatives, etc..
4. Rupture or treason, for their own benefit, trust others have placed in you.
5. The manifestation of a social disease that impairs interpersonal relationships.
6. Using the power of a citizen to have for themselves, for family, friends, etc..
7. “Stealing” more or less blatant in others, although sometimes it may be “legal”.
8. Lack of honesty in interpersonal relations, considering these as a source of profit.
9. “Betray” anyone, always keeping in mind the best interest of the relatives, friends, etc..
10. Using personal gain inside information.
11. Dereliction of duty that a citizen should fulfill, for personal profit.
12. Breaking the rules of social organization
13. Go with unbridled personal ambition.
14. Abandonment of individual and collective responsibilities as citizens.
15. Violation of the ideals of fairness and justice.
16. Acting in bad faith for personal profit.
17. Behavior that demonstrates an underlying deterioration of social values.
18. A defect of human nature.

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

Nuestro compromiso firmado de puño y letra con el Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas a través de Global Compact, UN, nos precede, y isto a seguir en este camino, y en nuestra obligación de denunciar a los órganos competentes, cualquier
asunto, relacionado con la corrupción, sea del área que sea y se cometa en cualquier país del mundo.
Mis felicitacios, por el trabajo bien hecho.
Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

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