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CCLP Worldwide-Kuwait enters UN Global Compact
01/13/2012, 7:38 am
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CCLP Worldwide Kuwait has been registered as Global Academic Participants of UN Global Compact


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Dear friends and colleagues my most sincere congratulations
by this new step, and open pathways towards global education
in everything in the world.
I remain available to the council headquarters, in our continued cooperation
on this important issue in getting and put our two cents
in achieving the objectives of the Secretary General of the United Nations in this issue for the XXI Century.
Warm greetings from the Commissioner’s Office in Spain.
Jenaro Romero Pastor

Comment by Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

As accredited as observers in United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime should be vigilant in criminal phenomena and be aware of the work of the forensic policiologos denounce and put before the competent authorities of the United Nations and its drive to combat crime police corruption and malpractice that generates delta.
The work of forensic Criminologist policiología specialized and more useful can be the victim of unfair policing. In many cases, a police officer is the victim of unjust policing, so the policiología victimology can be especially useful to police themselves, but also and above all, for those who, having no previous relationship to be victims of Police, or for more precision and accuracy, a police officer, or some unworthy officers.

They must insist as often as necessary that the police are the first victims worthy from the unworthy, and must also be its plaintiffs. A misunderstood sense of companionship may have serious consequences for those who hide evidence or difficult legal and legitimate research.

Therefore the Policiología can be defined as the science that studies the fundamentals, art, media and law enforcement functions of the Police, as an organ of State, which deals with the process of interaction between the ruler and the ruled in order to the preservation of order generated by the social contractualism in the Constitution and to better protect both. The subjects, objects, relationships and rules of the Police, its improvement and its perversion, both disciplinary and criminal, and their interaction with other professionals, open up a wide range of combinatorial possibilities of e hypercomplex policiológico study, but still all , absolutely everything, arguable, the interesting thing here is to determine what can be convincingly ruled by experts in court, how can your opinion influence or not, the judge, considering the sensitivity and predisposition to believe or doubt what they do, police say or write each each judge may have in each moment and circumstance. The receptivity of judges to the testimony and opinions of the police is as variable as is the opinion of the judges to experts in general, to each expert in particular, and for each specific expertise for each court proceeding.

This science, technical and legal course, is, therefore, how much can be inspected, analyzed, deliberated and ruled in a judicial proceeding by a qualified expert for an opinion on policing with legal consequences. The complex and changing legislation police on the one hand, and secondly the Criminal Procedure Act which empowers surveyors to enter the judicial process their reports and opinions, frame Forensic police legally. As it could be otherwise, the opinion of experts is one of the inalienable rights of the accused and in many cases their stability may depend on how much probative value can be opposed to a measure, opinion, affidavit or police testimony. Thus, the main practical research applied arts forensic science that studies the practical application to the ministry of police justice is nothing but criticism of police actions wrong, wrong, evil or criminal, with the police crime always difficult task of criminology and forensic science evidence of police crimes.

In fact, the delinquent police do not ever, under any circumstances. The offenders are cops who do not deserve to be, and the police to the one you always want the full clarification of how forensic evidence can be attributed to any police, and each and every one of the policemen. Even when the direction of personnel and internal affairs is opposed to an investigation, charged with any crime can exercise their right to expert evidence protected by the Civil Procedure Act. Obviously, police officers, police unions, authorities and media have their own expert opinions of each expert, and each work of each expert in every moment, and of course, there is also what the philosopher Xavier Zubiri called “corresponding” between police and experts, and it is also important policing experts, but respecting any other police or expert intention here is only intended to define, divide and argue about policiológica expert opinions, understood as analysis and synthesis, inspection and interpretation, facts and opinions from experts on police activity.

Manichaeism police usually affects lower cultural levels within and outside the police, because only limited simple minds the classification of subjects to the binomial friend / enemy. But it is also possible to find the highest levels, including general and major commissioners of police, or Civil Guard general, a certain sectarianism, partisan views and cultures, social and cultural relationships that make it impossible limited the fair analysis, deep, and any scientific perspective of the policiología by many members of the National Police, Civil Guard, regional police (Ertzaintza and Catalan police), and usually more so in the Municipal Police of any place in Spain, for their inevitable exposure to future political pressures, direct and often irresistible. In addition, trade unionism, which can be very necessary, as a fundamental pillar for the very security of a large group of workers exposed to risks, it also can be perverted to the criminal conspiracy as the history of police unions in Spain.

The police crimes have as wide a range as it exists in the types of the Criminal Code because the police commit crimes like any other citizens, but police crime can be better understood those made using the post, media, instruments, weapons documents or information that is only available to the police. And there are police commission of crimes by default, both the duty of care, for concealment or destruction of evidence that should be contributed to judicial proceedings, and a police officer decides to deliberately prevent the judge can get to know the truth. In these cases, the work of the expert specializing in policiología can be, and when required, is usually transcendental.

There are numerous criteria to classify the different types policiológicos opinions. Without being exhaustive, the type of expertise on police activities can be classified into simple surveys or observations, reports, more or less complex (packed) and expert opinions, against proceedings against police reports or opinions against. It is also possible that the survey is done to reinforce a police information or an opinion. The difference between report and opinion is in limiting interpretation of the first and in the expert opinion expressed in the second. In principle, one should find police diligently documented or attested facts without making judgments by police, but police is a common mistake to include opinions, sometimes very intrusive. However, forensic experts themselves are obliged to say though their opinions are, or ought to be more informed on scientific criteria referencing methods, techniques, theories and scientific publications with the highest possible standards. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake of the scientific police overreact with arrogance and contempt for other opinions apodictically aim to prevent any possibility of refutation. Experience shows that the more do the police to suppress the arguments of an expert, the more valuable are his opinions.

Of all the crimes they might commit a cop, which makes it necessary for a truly expert policiología expert is the falsity of witnesses and experts, that when police officers can completely alter a judicial proceeding. For these cases, the expert must build a piece of evidence can overcome the presumption of truth mendacious police, facing the facts with false testimony. The hardest thing for an expert’s evidence in court that a police officer is committing a crime of Article 460 of the type of the Penal Code in force in Spain, which states: “When the witness, expert or interpreter, without fail substantially to the truth The alters reluctantly, inaccuracies or silencing relevant facts or data that were known, shall be punished by a fine of six to twelve months and, where appropriate, suspension of employment or public office, profession or occupation, six months to three years. ” Most, if not all, of the police crime involving something of falsehood, and in any case, it is imperative to keep in mind that item in any hearing the police to interrogate suspects, and what is more delicate still, their potential partners witnesses of criminal acts or words of misrepresentation.

To prove the falsity police need the expert policiologo have a good education, vocation and items (documents and testimony), but it is also imperative that any of those harmed by the police is determined to false evidence, and propose an appropriate expert evidence. Unfortunately, many attorneys are quite unable to consider a minimal research in this area. This passivity of the lawyers said, better than anything else, that certain officers distorting and misleading records and thrive without disciplinary, or prosecuted for misdemeanors or crimes. Very few lawyers who can boast of having brought to its logical proof of a false police. Some experts lament the passivity of the lawyers in this regard.

We must distinguish between falsehood, mendacity, deceit, and some other terms like fable or fallacy, depending on whether it is a data compare to refute an argument or an intention to oppose one or more of a policeman. Beyond the dialectic, eristic aims to reach the truth through rational dialogue. Dialogue is not always possible between the police and the expert, but can sometimes be performed as a confrontation or ratification of the reports and opinions of experts in court ordering the dialogue, where asymmetric, the judge or the presiding judge of the court . It is difficult to distinguish, after a few minutes of conversation, the expert who has some experience in law enforcement rebut arguments, which are expected to be folded at the first setback. Policiológica expert opinions is not just a matter of criminological factors research related to the offenses described herein, are to defend the honor and police ethics, according to United Nations guidelines on this subject and enforceable
have brought presidents, and integrated by their governments at the United Nations, and forced to monitor compliance.

Comment by Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

CCLP-Worldwide as a voluntary participant to UNGC is attempting to showcase leadership in the intellectual responsibility to society. This is a commendable step and the entire public academic institutions of the country should follow responsibility and accountability. Let CCLP-Worldwide lead and promote it for fostering educational innovation and to become responsive.

Dr. Arup Barman

Comment by Dr. Arup Barman

Espero que la incorporación del nuevo miembro, compla y podamos lograr lo que este pueblo necesita, fomentando la innovación educativa y se situe en y como le corresponde como pueblo hermano de América Latina.
Prof. Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

Con mis felicitaciones.
Buenos Aires, April 9, 2011
Prof. Dr. Jenaro Romero Pastor
The World Board of Presidents Civic Humanity and the Superior Council of Eminent Persons of Transacademia-Nations Universal Institute, with us, you have the honor to inform you that, by virtue of his remarkable professional and social performance, demonstrated in his career, is nominated to receive the distinction Universal Star and Title of Nobility Summum meritocratic with Eminence Range Site. This award can elevate to the dignity of Parliament Academic Senator Civic Humanity accreditation. The Body of the Nobility meritocratic values is the nucleation of the human race working for a more dignified life in society, in peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment, already present in sixty-four nations of the world.
The act of this distinction will be held in honor of Mankind Securities No. 182, on May 10 at 20.00 hours in the Halls of Congress Apart Hotel, Bme street. Mitre 1824 Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is in the framework of a gala dinner during which you will be invested with the Honor Band of Public, you will receive the award Summum Universal Star and Title of Nobility meritocratic Eminence the range of humanity and his name will be enrolled in the Global Registry of Securities of Mankind with his initials.
For more information, welcome visit our website (see below) and please confirm the people who will accompany the gala dinner, this 182 º Honor Securities of Mankind, to reserve the corresponding cards and Note Good Image.
We appropriate this opportunity to congratulate you for this great achievement and greet you with consideration and deference to his person deserves.
E stanislada World Prof. Z IEBA Mg. Sawicki Boleslaw Sabomir
World Presidents TRANSACADEMIA Board
Nations Universal Institute Civic Parliament of Humanity
Secretariat: 943.5 Alsina Of th floor. 507 – Buenos Aires • Argentina • Tel 4283-1053 / / 4342-9261/9061
E_mail: – Website:

Nations Universal Institute
Civic Parliament of Humanity
NOBILITY meritocratic
For a more dignified life in society, in peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment ****
Nations presence in:
Albania Argentina States Algeria Belorus Bolivia
Bosnia and Hercegov. Brazil

Czech Republic Chile
China Colombia Congo (former Zaire) Korea
Ecuador USA Egypt
El Salvador
Slovenia Spain Estonia France Greece Honduras Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Lebanon Lithuania Mexico Kroacia Nicaragua Nigeria Palestine Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal
Dominican Rep. Montenegro Romania Russian Federation Serbia Syria
South Africa Taiwan Tunisia Turkey Uruguay Vietnam Ukrania
The Universal Star Award with Summum and elevation to the dignity of a member of nobility with the rank meritocratic eminence of humanity and Academic Senator Civic Humaniad Parliament and registration of his name and title in the Global Registry of Securities of Gender Human ceremony in honor of Mankind Securities performs Transacademia – Nations Universal Institute under the auspices of
Global Board of Presidents Civic Site, is a transcendent honor as it is the epitome of dignity in the New Humanity ecoethics.
Member of The Rite of Nobility meritocratic Eminence the range of humanity and Parliament SenadorAcadémico Humaniad Civic, towards a more dignified life in society, in peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment, is to: Imposition of Honor Band of Public, – with the Star Award Universal Summum, – Delivery of meritocratic Noblezqa title; – Registration in the World Values of Mankind, – Credential SenadorAcadémica Civic Parliament of Mankind, – Privilege of a Note Good Image in the Book-magazine ‘Embassy of Peoples and Cultures “commemorative edition, – Photo on website Transacademia-Nations Universal Institute as meritocratic Nobility and eminence of Parliament SenadorAcadémico Civic Site.
To access this epitome of dignity, a person must have a leading role in the Company, or area of its business and meet the following requirements:
a) – To be given by a prestigious institution or member of nobility meritocratic. b) – Share Humnismo Transcendent Principles.
c) – Forward, by E_mail, a brief curriculum vitae to the Chair of the Higher Council of Eminent Persons of Transacadenia – Nations Universal Institute.
d) – Cash assistance to the act of consecration in the relevant Securities Honor Mankind is made especially for this purpose.
e) – Book cards to the Gala Dinner of his consecration.
f) – Privilege to make a space for Good Picture rating of his career in the Book-magazine ‘Embassy of Peoples and Cultures “- commemorative edition.
E stanislada World Prof. Z IEBA Mg. Sawicki Boleslaw Sabomir
World Presidents TRANSACADEMIA Board
Nations Universal Institute Civic Parliament of Humanity
Secretariat: 943.5 Alsina Of th floor. 507 – Buenos Aires • Argentina • Tel 4283-1053 / / 4342-9261/9061

E_mail: – Website:
Civic Parliament of Humanity
Nations Universal Institute
10 May 20.00 pm.
Gala Dinner
182 º Honor Securities of Mankin
BODY OF NOBILITY meritocratic
HE Dr. Jenaro Romero Pastor and friends
The Superior Council of Eminent Persons of Transacademia-Nations Universal Institute, for us, has the honor to take part you from the 182nd Honor Securities of Mankind, which will be held on Tuesday 10 May to 20.00 hours in the halls of Congress Apart Hotel, Bme Street. Mitre 1824 of the City of Buenos Aires during the Gala Dinner, held on the occasion of the consecration of Members of the Academic Senate Nobility merit and Civic Parliament of Humanity.
We look forward to your valuable presence and make this opportunity to greet you with high esteem and regard for their persons warrants.
Jose Luis Bichara Boleslaw Council Sawicki Sabomir
International Academy of TRANSACADEMIA
Diplomacy and Professions Institute Nations Universal

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

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