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Research and Development Council of CCLP Worldwide established
02/09/2012, 6:08 am
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Research and Development Council established as specialized Department of CCLP Worldwide

The new Research and Development Council is headed by International Director Dr Arup Barman.

The main aims of this department are-
1. To conduct research on global, local issues on sustainability and higher education, quality of
Education and any other broad issues relevant to education;
2. Providing inputs for decision, policies, and plan for developing the mandate of CCLP-Worldwide;
3. Development of Reports, Advocacy Documents, Papers, Notes etc for CCLP-Worldwide;
4. Carrying out the research, consultancy, capacity building and HRD activities CCLP-Worldwide and its
partner organization;
5. Management of training to new researchers appointed by CCLP-Worldwide, internees, and students from Interdisciplinary fields.


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Mi más sincera felicitación, la Investigación y desarrollo, y propiciar su apoyo, en todos los medios y foros, es muy necesaria y en estos tiempos de turbulencias económicas mucho más ya que el I+D, con los recursos y aportaciones necesarias, a medio plazo hacen de los países, mucho más competitivos, y situarse a los niveles deseados, en su entorno natural e internacional.
Prof. Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

The meaning of comment written by honourable Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary 02/09/2012 @8.21 am
‘My most sincere congratulation, the Research and development, and to propitiate(cause) its support, in all the means and forums, is very necessary and in these times of economic(economical) turbulencies much more since the Ist D, with the resources(resorts) and necessary contributions, in the mid term they do of the countries, much more competitive, and to be located at the wished levels, in its natural and international environment’.

I thank for the comment of Hon. Jenaro Rosemary.

Dr. Arup Barman

Comment by Dr. Arup Barman

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