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Global Education Award 2011 Ceremony
03/02/2012, 6:12 am
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Hon. Commissioner Prof. Dr Jenaro Rosemary Sheperd bestowed the honor of”Global Education Award 2011” to Dr. Ion Corcuera Llorente at ceremony held at European Commissionerate office of CCLP Worldwide, Madrid, Spain on 29th Feb, 2012


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Conocer al Prof. Dr. Ion Llorente Corcuera, en la entrevista previa a la ceremonia fue un gran honor conocer su trayectoria en el campo de la educación, y su aportación a la ciencia, con sus publicaciones dirigidas a la enseñanza universitaria , e igualmente como servidor público en el terreno de la seguridad en España, y comprobar esa sinceridad y compromiso en el bien y por la educación, creando entre ambos un vínculo de cooperación, y de continuidad en el tiempo de forma desinteresada y altruista demostrándome esa humanidad y compromiso con los problemas que en estos terrenos y otros flagelan a los ciudadanos en muchas partes del mundo, generando entre los dos una gran amistad que perdurara en el tiempo.
Mi más grande felicitación por su premio, y de su vocación de darse a los demás como un gran humanista preocupado, por los males que acechan a nuestra humanidad y a los seres humanos que los padecen..
Commissioner Office-Spain
Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

The Rector of Academic Council of CCLP Worldwidem develop a three-master, Amientales Sciences, Integrated Management and Audits and Renewable Energy, for the academic year 2012-2013, in English and Spanish Language.
Prof. Dr. Gennaro Rosemary

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary


NEW IN MASTER CCLP WORLDWIDE.The initiative for the project of Design Master in Ethics University can now conclude that corruption is a “cancer” that invades and grows every day in the economies of most countries around the world. This has great impact both socially and economically, as it weakens the moral and ethical values ​​in the leading sectors, both public and private weakening leads to accept as an inevitable cost of economic transformation the growing social inequality .It is for this reason that there is a need to improve our education system by putting black and white the design of a master can initiate international professional training resources of the political order, and measures of criminology to fight from inside and police institutions applying criminological research techniques applied to this type of corruption academic university to fight this “disease” that threatens the economic adjustment plans of our economic organism, because this higher level of education, culture, access to mass communication and the judicial system, the social sectors of our country will be able to fend off corruption.It is very important to conclude that in the development in terms of corruption, the crucial variable is education at all levels, and according to the recommendations of the letter of education and the goals of the UN in this policy mandatory. The better educated a society, the lower your tolerance to the phenomenon of corruption and therefore decrease its degree is detected ending the problem by first with a good policy and laws that give police chase control international audits, combined with the guidelines of global order, and channeled and timely monitoring of the crime unit of the united nations.With this design work following master donated cooperation for dissemination and teaching by CCLP WORLDWIDE have come to many conclusions and also has guided us in the future so that we are a loyal and professional ethics above all honest because if there is a reason the case of corruption comes from professional ethics whatever it is called the profession and their areas of origin.EUROPE COMMISSIONER FOR EDUCATIONFOR CCLP WORLDWIDE.Jenaro Rosemary (office in Spain)

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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