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7th issue of the International Magazine “The Education Charter” launched
04/11/2012, 11:48 am
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Seventh issue of International News Magazine "The Education Charter - (Volume iii Issue i) launched and available in all major book stalls across India. Electronic versions will be shortly available for International subscribers and readers

Topics covered in the magazine

Editors' desk


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With my feliciatación the whole team for this new edition and especially to my colleague and friend Dr. Vinod

Commissioner’s office for Europe.
CCLP Worldwide, Spain
Rosemary Jenaro

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

Estimados amigos ,colegas y doctores de CCLP Worldwide.
Es para el Comisionado Internacional en Educación, un honor comunicar que el PSOE (España- Europa) y su departamento de formación abre una ventana histórica para la información, puesta al día e educación de la integración histórica del socialismo democrático en Europa y el mundo, como inicio de futuras en educación para la juventud democrática del mundo, en el logro y objetivos para una educación potenciada a nivel mundial, por la justicia , libertad y calidad de vida para los ciudadanos Europeos y de todo el Mundo.
Oficina del Comisionado en Europa-España
CCLP Worldwide-España
Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary

Dear Dr. Vinod: The unit of Engineering Sciences, Institute of Scientific and Technical Research International Academic Council.
Make the Order of the elevation of three draft update, based on three theses, which is the author of the Governor and President of the Institute.
Prof. Dr. Genaro Romero Pastor.
1. Autonomous Robot Vehicle (Safety Inspection with vision and control, network)
2. Automatic control via automated beacons, speed control motor vehicles pora roads, by integration of emission and reception of the beacon emesora and receiving control vehicle, comprising microcontroldor and microprocessor installed in the cars, which driven on roads, the unit is commanded by microprocess a computer program to condition the car enslaving it to go over the speed set by the driver steps on the accelerator, and go to the indicated speed on the road in terms of legislation road safety in each country ..
3. Hot water by solar energy, automated controller, and automatic microprocess., Apply at sports centers, schools, and intituciones, and closely tied its installation time of solar radiation, after studying the sector itself, may assign the variables, development of the project or not according to this statistic is updated as fundamental.
Prof. Dr. Jenaro Rosemary
Regente y Director: del Instituto de Investigación Académica, Cientifica y Técnica, ( Consejo Académico CCLP Worldwide- India)

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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