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RIO+20 Commitment Statement of CCLP Worldwide covered in the press
05/25/2012, 5:10 am
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CCLP Worldwide’s commitment for RIO +20 was published in official news site -The RIO CLIMATE CHALLENGE, RIO CLIMA


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CCLP Worldwide, Spain (Education) Academic Impact (United Nations). GRADUATE COURSE Level (3) PhD COURSE TITLE: EDUCATION, SOCIETY AND QUALITY OF LIFE FOR PEACE Compulsory education issues: modules: 1. Education, Quality of life and surrounding environment 2. Education and Society 3. Environmental quality and sustainable progress 4. Education for peace 5. Socio-economic inequality and international conflicts Research interests (3) 1. Interrelation between quality of life, education and progress. 2. The quality of education in rural Third World. 3. Education for peace and social balance. Once submitted the work correctly the research The student performed the presentation of original and copy of his thesis and defense of thereof. The final thesis work may not be less than 6 credits / 25 hours / credit créditos/25 not exceed 30 credit hours. The doctoral program therefore has a weight of 120 créditos/25 academic credit hours and two years. The Dean-Rector
Dr. Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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