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CCLP Worldwide participated at Rio+20 Event
07/07/2012, 7:45 am
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Chairman Dr Lamartine Hollanda Junior at Rio +20 event


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Congratulations !

Comment by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh

My sincere congratulations from Spain for this trio of aces, and his strong and determined will, in the good work, as always in his decisions, cooperation, and presence in such an important forum.
Jenaro Rosemary

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

Title: Evil announced environmental catastropheAuthor: Dr. Ing Genaro Romero Pastor Sustainability and environmental management 01-2007 Humanity can not say, nor the government nor that scientists did not say time, alerted to reports, environmental studies, and tried and true statistics that our surrounding environment was poisoned and that derive a global warming of our planet with unpredictable consequences.He said men who curb wolf, the wolf coming, no one paid any time and wolf among us, that wolf is a cancer that man by the passivity of the rulers to allow the atrocities committed against the environment have made possible the current situation as disastrous on our planet. There is still time, we should slow this geometric progression warming 10 times faster than previously produced on our planet than in the past 30,000 years slow to happen to the temperature increase on Earth, humanity has made today in 200 years. The result of increased temperature in the seas, and generally in the globe and the negative impact especially in Spain because it is the nearest country to Africa make Spain Europe’s place more prone to degeneration by consequences mentioned above, the change in direction of air flow in the upper as well as investment flows into the sea currents make the production of rain becomes chaos. The processes of drought and torrential rains grouped into territories near the Mediterranean Sea will be atrocious, and temperature changes in the Cantabrian coast and the increase in water temperature will change the natural processes known to date.In this process of deterioration if the parameters contaminants do not change the pole liquefy in 30 years maximum. The acceleration process in the creation of alternative energy and reduced consumption of petroleum products and their consumption to move cars, promoting hybrid and hydrogen dispensers creating and closing the same stations. Definitely switch to other clean energy and throw out the current pollutant among many other positive measures that have environmental prevention. If we can do so no later than 20 years may be that the current degenerative process forward if humanity gradually scientific cooperation with the global business world, and governments of the earth as a whole, does not agree and implement to work in this vital process necessary for our planet and human beings who inhabit it and its ecosystems and will be too late and we would lose the war and this war mankind can not afford to lose, as its consequences, in environmental calamities and natural disasters so large that they produce will lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, and the process of temperature rise in Spain can become an increase of 4.5 °.This process will increase our African neighbors such calamity to emigrate to Spain for hundreds of thousands. The liquefaction of the poles will be possible to increase sea levels by more than 6 m. conducive to the next capitals especially in the southern half of Spain in their quarter will be submerged, these and others at this point is irrelevant list are the calamities in store for us if we do not brake in time and form the current environmental situation.

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

how to attend

Comment by yogesh

The United Nations experts expressed concern that the final document agreed at the recent United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) and presumably lod of CCLP Worldwide invited delegates did likewise, and not explicitly states that companies should respect human rights. For businesses play an important role in developing the green economy and human rights guarantees necessary to ensure that policies and business plans to promote environmental objectives or development do not negatively impact people, communities autonomous of the various countries of Europe and its negotiated Environment of Spain including the look with hope and work, in getting the best deals on a future and a sense of the original purposes of the Rio conference, hoping that the economic situation and to improve on what it takes to financially support and support in time in some third world countries and their livelihoods, “the reference Puvan Selvanathanel, head of the Working Group on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises is more than successful governments must be vigilant and pollution compliance and garantían and their plans and models of environmental management, internal and external audits COMPLIANCE mandatory, according to the guidelines of the united nations and protocols of the Community under the seferencia Mr. Selvanathan, where the majority are in agreement.”The development inclusive, equitable and sustainable development can only become a reality when human beings, governments need to send clear messages to companies on respect for human rights as the world creates a green economy, Mr. Selvanathan said, and added that it should facilitate access to effective remedies for persons whose rights have been affected by corporate activities.More than 40,000 people, including parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, CEOs and civil society leaders attended Rio 20 20 to 22 June.The agreed outcome requires a wide range of actions. These include starting the process for setting sustainable development goals, detailing how the green economy can be used as a tool to achieve sustainable development, the strengthening of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to promote business sustainability communicating measures, measures to go beyond GDP to assess the welfare of a country developing a funding strategy for sustainable development and the adoption of a framework for the struggle for sustainable consumption and production.It also focuses on improving gender equality, recognizing the importance of voluntary commitments on sustainable development, and stressing the need to involve civil society and incorporating science into policy, among other things.The Working Group called on governments and industry to work together, to civil society and other stakeholders to ensure that the path to sustainable development set out in Rio 20 is performed, and the protection and respect human rights.Meanwhile, the UN Special Commissioner on the human right to water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque, welcomed the explicit commitment to implement progressively the right to safe drinking water and sanitation in the final document of the Rio +20 . But he warned that the progressive realization should not delay the full implementation.”The progressive realization requires States to take concrete measures for its full realization to the maximum of available resources, including through international cooperation,” said Ms. de Albuquerque. “The progressive realization is not an excuse to postpone the application, but requires immediate action and to develop a work plan to implement it.”Ms. de Albuquerque reaffirmed their commitment to work with all States and stakeholders to mature and sustainable development objectives post-2015 development of water and sanitation to ensure equality and non-discrimination and other human rights obligations .And presumably our ambassadors joined the conference as there can be no other manara to the requisition for governments in their responsibility to enforce environmental laws, the companies within their nations.”The future we want is within reach – is a matter of will, courage and vision of the world’s governments,” said Mr. Representative mentioned in this note.
Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd,
Cuerpo de Educadores,
Comisario para Europa , CCLP Worldwide-Spain.
Environmental Auditor and Consultant

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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