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French President sends best wishes to Consul General Prof Dr. Lamartine Hollanda Junior, Chairman, CCLP Worldwide
08/10/2012, 3:46 pm
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French President sends best wishes to Consul General Prof Dr. Lamartine Hollanda Junior, Chairman, CCLP Worldwide


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My heartiest congratulations my dear colleague and friend Dr. Lamartine.One area of ​​concern for your information, it thinks it is done, and those necessary to end this unwanted process in NIGERIA.Nigeria is a federal republic based on the U.S. model, with executive power exercised by the president and features of the Westminster System model in the composition and operation of the camera up and down the legal system. The current president of Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan, who succeeded Umaru Yar’Adua in 2010. The president presides as head of state and head of executive power, being elected every four years by popular vote to have a maximum of 2 periods.Human rightsIn human rights, about membership in the seven agencies of the International Bill of Human Rights, including the Human Rights Committee (HRC), Nigeria has signed and ratified: Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, which has closer ties with the U.S., which contains more than 250 different ethnic groups. The religious breakdown is 50% Muslim, 40% Christian and 10% indigenous beliefs. The country is far from weaning, a military regime since 1999, today is a federal republic on the model of the United States. Nigeria has large oil and natural gas (95% of exports), and is the eighth largest oil exporter in the world. However, boiling the problems in the form of stirring rebel and ethnic secessionism permeate the county. Much of the concern is about the practice of “burning” natural gas by burning off the pipe. Environmentalists say this cause acid rain and pollution, and there is plenty of oil spills, too. School closures are common due to bomb scares young pranksters. There is an impending crisis in some provinces that have declared Islamic law. The controversial Islamist group Boko Haram, is behind most of Islamist violence, which in 2011 began using the tactic of suicide bombings. Nigeria is meant by terrorism experts as a landmark for the continent as a whole. Corruption, smuggling and crime coexist with two types of civil unrest – protests oil and ethnic protests. Of these two, the issue of oil is more important. Nigerian oil is particularly important because it is the last global stockpile of “light sweet crude” which needs little refining. The world currently goes through 84 million barrels a day and half of the proven oil reserves in the world have been exhausted. Some experts predict that the world will run out of oil in 2040.The Nigerian authorities seized an arsenal of explosives in the northern city of Kano, which presumably belonged to the radical Islamic sect Boko Haram, military sources said.During a military operation in that district gave a bounty of at least 12 bombs and chemicals for the production of explosives, said the head of the Kano State Security Services, Bassey Eteng.He said they also seized more than 600 rounds of ammunition, military uniforms and eight assault rifles AK-47.Means of warfare would be used in an attack on people in a religious ceremony, according to intelligence reports, he said.Boko Haram The Islamic group has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against religious institutions in central and northern Nigeria since 2009 left a balance of more than 200 thousand deaths in the African country, according to military sources.Boko Haram, which fought government forces trying to impose an Islamic state in Nigeria, where both Christians and Muslims, among other religious groups.The United Nations and the United States of America, and President Obama are very concerned about the increase in organized crime and terrorist acts by Islamic court produced in Nigeria in recent months and days, as it has repercussions in the West by the increase of Nigerian criminals and terrorists actions on the ground, as they are destabilizing to the zone of influence, as well as criminals, and effects of their misdeeds and crimes that impact fees in Europe.In crime, computer consumables, document forgery and computer supplies, credit cards, treats, ect. And the possible connection of this cooperation and terrorism that occurs in Nigeria with Islamic terrorism in the international network of Al Qaeda.

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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