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General Warning regarding misrepresentation in the leadership of CCLP Worldwide
08/18/2012, 4:53 pm
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CCLP Worldwide is an International Organization having special Consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (2012).As per the bye laws and charter of the organization The International council is the only supreme body of CCLP Worldwide which can take decisions of the affairs of CCLP Worldwide.
The International Council represented by members from all continents is headed and chaired by International Chairman.
The International Chairman as per charter is the head of the organization. The office of International Chairmanship is co-chaired by three Co-Chairpersons duly elected from International Council.
Consul General Prof. Dr. Lamartine Hollanda Junior from Brazil is first International Co-Chairman of the organization.
Prof. Dr. Paul Ratnayake from Switzerland is second International Co-Chairman of the organization.
Dr. Vikrant Singh from India is third International Co-Chairman of the Organization and also statutory trustee of the Trust.

There is no post like “president” Chief Executive” or “Head of the Council” etc in CCLP Worlddwide and any representation as president or any other post which denotes head of the organization is bogus, false and misrepresented with malafide intention.
General public ,members and supporters are cautioned to take note of this and immediately inform the international secretariat if they find someone purportedly representing our organization as head of the Council or CCLP Worldwide.
Complete information about organizational leadership may be found at our site .


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