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Campaign for Environment
11/13/2012, 6:12 am
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CCLP Worldwide starts campaign for Environment and Education


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We are (CCLP-Worldwide) educationally, scienifically, and environmentally conscious to the global issues of future. We need to take part in Solidarity Economy. As the director of research wing IDRC of CCLP-Worldwide am accepting new role for research and development locally and globally. It is our symbol of seriousness and consciousness. The integration of mission and motivation of the members of CCLP-Worldwide would be able to contribute to the really global cause. I request all the members of international council of CCLP-Worldwide and Country Ambassadors to support the research activities of IRDC in the coming years.

Dr. Arup Barman

Comment by Dr. Arup Barman

Dear Dr. Vinod, my congratulations for this great directory, environmental science, as I promised you my dear Doctor, I have prepared the course
of “environmental consultant”, which accredits professional consultancy to open for whoever approved this course, next week so commands in Spanish and English, to edit it and put it into teaching as a contribution and donation of the Academic Institute (EuroAmerican Consortium) . and new contribution to United Nations Academic Impact, as a contribution to education, because you have to provide a continuity project, and completed this work and in a third project dideƱo.
Reite my congratulations to the entire team.
With recognition respect and consideration.

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

Dear Dr. Vinod, CCLP WORLDWIDE-SPAIN, contributes and donates to their teaching
CCLP WORLDWIDE.COM.ESI to the “Master of Environmental Management,
Consulting and Audit” Spain conduct their teaching in Spanish, and
CCLP WORLDWIDE.COM / ESI in English, is a contribution of the
Commissioner’s Office in Spain. for Europe and the World, and I hope
you have as good as our previous host Mastros Master of Masters,
because in Academic Impact (United Nations must try to provide an
educational project annually.
I hope that this initiative is approved by the board, and at that
moment I start to send the Master’s study program and all of its
modules in English. (The council will be responsible for putting a
price on this apparent social and postgraduate course) so that
interested parties can register.
Kind regards.

Comment by Jenaro Rosemary Shepherd

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